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What services are included in a recording session?

Recording sessions are currently available by the hour, with a two hour minimum & booking is appointment only. During live sessions the artist may use their time for tracking vocals, reviewing & editing previously recorded production, or simply as a space to find inspiration and build their vision from the ground up.

Which genres do we specialize in?

We have experience with Hip-Hop, R&B, EDM, and other electronically produced genres. We are always looking forward to being introduced to new sounds, and learning from you as well.

What payment options do we accept?

We currently accept Cash, CashApp, Zelle, Venmo, ApplePay, Bitcoin & Monero (XMR). All Monero (XMR) payments can be made to this wallet (click here).

  • All deposits & payments must be in equivalent with the total costs after taxes USD.

What audio softwares are you familiar with?

We are audio literate in Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic, and are currently learning more DAWs. We would love to learn from you as well!

How do i submit to ZR1 Playlists?

We accept all genres, submit by visiting, or submitting via e-mail at We do not accept paid submissions, but records recorded & produced with VONA Studios will always take priority.

Why projectVONA?

projectVONA was started by a team of creatives who want to help you bring your vision to life, without having to follow the artistic rules set by industry standards. We work on all of our projects until they are are finished completely, ensuring the artist has received exactly what they paid for.

What is mixing & mastering and why is it important?

Mixing & Mastering records are essential to ensure that the record is released at the highest possible quality for any potential listening audience.

Mixing is a process that includes cleaning vocals, balancing out production levels, & capturing the dynamic range of emotion of throughout the entirety of the song intended by the artist. Mixing the record not only brings it together, but uses each element of the song to complement the rest. Each mix is unique depending on the intended direction of the artist.

Mastering involves bringing the track to life by raising levels to a professional audio standard, while giving the song its own personality. Mastering has transitioned from analog (hardware) to digital (software) over the past years, introducing more ways to help a record grab the attention of potential listeners.

What are stems: how can I send mine to be mixed & mastered?

Stems are each individual track of a record that include information contributing towards the song. Each stem routes into a master fader which groups them all together and would make up what we would call the record or song.

For mixing & mastering please remove all effects (besides any gain increase or reduction), consolidate each stem, and package in a zip file for the cleanest possible form of transportation. For quality purposes, we recommend sending all stems as .wav files if possible.

What do I do after the production is finished?

For novice artists, or any artist struggling to advance in their careers due to a lack of success during the post production phase, we offer many forms of assistance. This includes A&R consultation, creating promotional strategies, and finding ways to bring out each person’s strengths to help innovate their career. We work with all budgets and are looking forward to helping you discover what works best for you.